VIRGINIA model united nations

Virginia Model United Nations - VAMUN - is the International Relations Organization’s high school Model United Nations conference. Hosted on the historic Grounds of the University of Virginia each fall, VAMUN brings delegates from across the United States together for a weekend of diverse and interdisciplinary debate in various committees - including General Assemblies, Specialized, Crisis, Joint-Crisis, and Ad-Hoc.


Two things differentiate VAMUN from other high school conferences on the circuit. Specifically, it’s unique and highly advanced crisis simulations. The Wilson Global Systems Simulation is a four-way quad crisis; delegates and committees compete head to head. Secondly, the Jefferson Committee on Diplomacy is an Ad-Hoc, application-only crisis committee reserved for the most experienced delegates. Students participating in the Jefferson Committee on Diplomacy do not know their topic or their position until just days before the conference - highly upping the stakes in an already intense simulation.

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