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The International Relations Organization at the University of Virginia is an umbrella organization overseeing and facilitating the operations of numerous international relations-oriented bodies. The Organization and its members host three Model United Nations conferences each year and travel across the country competing in collegiate Model United Nations conferences. While Model United Nations is a substantial part of the Organization, members also have the opportunities to attend weekly guest speaker events, edit and public an undergraduate research journal, and produce a podcast.

The Organization also partners with other local organizations for volunteer and charity work. More information about these partnerships can be found on our Community Partners page.

Our own land and our own flag cannot be replaced by any other land or any other flag. But you can join with other nations, under a joint flag, to accomplish something good for the world that you cannot accomplish alone.
— Eleanor Roosevelt, First United States Ambassador to the United Nations

principal bodies

Model United Nations

  • Virginia Model United Nations

  • Virginia International Crisis Simulation

  • Virginia Inter-Generational Model United Nations

  • Virginia Model United Nations Travel Team

International Relations

  • Speaker Series

  • Wilson Journal of International Relations

  • Global Inquirer Podcast